What if Annie Leibovitz was a psyhic caught in a slasher pic?

You would get “Eyes of Laura Mars” (1978)Set in late 70′s New York City, Laura Mars is tense, outragously stylish murder mystery starring Faye Dunaway and Tommy Lee Jones. Fashion photographer Laura Mars (Dunaway)is the rising star of chic. Growing in infamy and notoriety for her sexualized depictions of violence.

Mars’ glamorous world of double popped collars and pouty fuchsia lips collides suddenly with savagery. When her increasingly vivid artistic visions begin to fortell the murders of her dearest friends. She struggles to understand what she is forced to see through a killers eyes — before it is too late.

Love it!!!

Check out the opening song. Sung by Barbara Streisand, and it can’t hurt that it features photography by Helmut Newton and is the first studio feature written by John Carpenter.

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