Violence Erupts in Rapanui When Indigenous People Assert Their Rights

(AP Photo/Prensa Pueblo Rapa Nui)

Over the past few months the indigenous people of Rapanui have been attempting to assert their right to self governance in their ancestral homeland also known as Easter Island. At the core of this week’s flair up is an occupation that has lasted for over one hundred years. Recently the Rapanui population on the island, which is about half of the total population of the island, has been staging non-violent protests on the island. These protests have been uncomfortable for the tourism industry on the island and embarrassing for the government of Chile. A few days ago police shot activists and journalists with rubber bullets.

To learn more about this conflict you read this short article on Yahoo news:

I also know that Kehaulani Kauanui of Indigenous Politics for Native New England and Beyond will be having a special podcast about this issue. I will post an update with a link to that podcast as soon as it has become available online.

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