Thoughts from Cambodian Student Activists after The Golden Voice Screening

A few weeks ago I attended the Khmer Student Coalition Conference at the University of Berkeley in California to begin getting the word out about Two Shadows, which is a feature film that I am producing with Director Greg Cahill. Nearly 200 student activists from the Khmer community came together under the theme of “Reflections from a Shattered Past”. I helped the organizers to program two films to kick-off the opening night of the three day conference. On the first evening of the event we screened The Golden Voice which is a short narrative film about Ros Sereysothea, a Cambodian rock singer who was killed during the Khmer Rouge. The main feature film that was screened is a wonderful documentary made in 2003 that I saw for the first time this year called The Flute Player. It follows a musician named Arn Chorn-Pond who survived the Pol Pot regime and continues to fight to preserve traditional Khmer music and culture as a way to cope with the genocide. I wrote a more detailed blog post about this film after I saw it which you can read here:

It was a wonderful experience to see so many young people thinking about how to empower their community. I was able to capture some of their words on video and I have posted them on YouTube.

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