Support Indigenous Documentary The Thick Dark Fog

I just supported the Kickstarter post-production campaign for a film by Randy Vasquez. I urge you to watch the campaign video about and hopefully become a supporter of the project as well. Click here for the The Dark Fog Kickstarter Page

Itʻs a powerful film that follows Walter Littlemoon a Lakota man who attended federal boarding school 60 years ago. The mission of these kill the Indian and save the man.” The children were not allowed to be Indians – to speak their language or express their culture or native identity in any way at the risk of being severely beaten, humiliated or abused. What effects did these actions cause?

Many Indians, like Walter, lived with this unresolved trauma into adulthood, acting it out through alcoholism and domestic violence.

“The Thick Dark Fog” tells the story of how Walter confronted the “thick dark fog” of his past so that he could renew himself and his community.

This synopsis was taken from the filmʻs website Where you can see great stills from the film, learn more about the filmmakers, and keep up to date through the filmʻs blog.

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