Sunday School Lesson based on To Weave A Name


After the screening at the ʻĀinahau O Kaleponi Hawaiian Civic Club screening in Seal Beach, CA Eric Kakihara of Wintersburg Presbyterian Church. Asked me a little additional information about myself and if it would be okay if he presented the film in his Sunday Sermonette for young students.
He gave the sermonette on August 25th and recently reported back on how it went.
“After summarizing you and your mother’s story, and the oooh’s and ahhh’s I got when I flashed up your name…. the lesson went on to explain that giving some one a name is a thing of honor, both to those that give the name as much as those that receive the name. I asked “who has ever given someone a name?” No one raised their hand, then I asked if anyone had ever called someone “dummy” or “stupid” or told some one “I don’t like you…” and how that was the same as giving someone a name like yours, and it is not very honorable to the person you called a name, to you, and especially to God.”
I think this is a lovely lesson for little ones to take away and so honored that the film inspired this talk!

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