Short Doc: Fraternity

Fraternity from Richard Mosse on Vimeo.

I thought this was a pretty interesting short experimental doc. What do you think?
Here is a little context from the filmmaker Richard Mosse:
Fraternity was shot at Yale University’s infamous DKE frat house in under an hour. The men were happy to participate in the project in exchange for a keg of beer. They compete against each other to shout or scream the loudest and for the longest time. When they cannot scream any longer they must stop, and cannot begin again. DKE (pronounced Deke) stands for Delta Kappa Epsilon, and counts five US presidents in its alumni, including George Bush Jr, George Bush Sr, Gerald Ford and Theodore Roosevelt. Other famous Dekes include three Justices of the US Supreme Court, one Vice President, and countless State Governors, Senators and Speakers.

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