Sharing New Media Tricks with Non-Profits

As I mentioned last week I was hired as a new media consultant for the Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council I worked really hard on putting together what I had hoped would be a useful primer on basic communication strategies and how those can be extended into social or “new media” strategies.

I am hopeful that A3PCON has a budding successful new media strategy. Part of my recommendation moving forward is that they identify a short list of goals to pursue that they can attach actions to and easily quantify their progress.

These are two suggestions I have for quantifiable A3PCON goals:

1. To increase membership
2. To involve Asian and Pacific Islander individuals doing community work in non-Asian or Pacific organizations.

Based on the discussion I also thought these were two goals in terms of communication objectives, but they are a little harder to quantify.

3. To mobilize the Asian and Pacific Islander community
4. To define the first impression of A3PCON’s work

As promised last week, below is the slideshow that I used with my presentation. Feel free to pass it around and let me know what you think of it. If you were an attendee at the retreat definitely leave some comments for me below. Thanks!

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