PARADOCS is a storytelling company that uses sound and image to achieve your goals. We will work with you to produce custom video that can be used anywhere, from online or on the big screen.
Through video we have the power to preserve precious family histories. Using interviews and family photographs we are able to document stories and even recipes so they can be passed down for generations to come.
Our family history services:

  • Audio or video interview
  • Photo scanning
  • Video editing and DVD production

    Do you have a product or service that you want to spread the word about? Whether you are opening the hot new gourmet burger place or have a dog grooming business in your backyard. Creating a short video will help you get attention to attract new customers and clients.
    If you are an organization that does advocacy or community work there is nothing better than giving voice to an story that needs to be told. The emotional impact of video is universal and it can be used to inform, educate, and ultimately impact the world we live in.