PIC Narrative Report – 2/23/09

Today is day that my contract with PIC (Pacific Islanders in Communications)officially begins. One of the deliverables I am responsible is a narrative report of my activities in making this show.

So I think it will motivate me to keep better reports by publishing up on the blog.

Today I met with Dean Kekoolani and Karin Williams in North Hollywood at Dean’s house. Dean is a Post Production format expert, and he is helping advise me on the best way to incorporate the SD footage I have already shot, and the HD footage that I will begin to shoot. We also talked about storytelling, and how to “talk story” through the medium.

After that I headed over to Bexel Video in Burbank to pick up my firestore FS 100 drive. I can’t wait to get my camera on Wednesday to put everything all together.

I also treated myself to a nice Petrol accessory case. You can buy Petrol Cases and many other great video finds Bexel’s Ebay Store

Earlier today I also sent out an email to some faculty members at the University of Hawaii’s Academy for Creative Media putting the word out for interns. I am looking for people to function as addition camera operators, HD workflow assistants, and PA’s. I have already gotten a few responses, and I am reviewing them.

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