“Our Blue Canoe” The epic modern Pacific Voyage

Pacific Voyagers the Canoes

Photo by Magnus Danbold

Seven canoes set sail from from Aotearoa (New Zealand) in April of this year 2011. They have sailed a course touching Tahiti, The Marquesas, and several moku (islands) of Hawaiʻi. After departing from Hawaiʻi they continued on to San Francisco and are now heading toward southern California where I am looking forward to greeting them at their final stop before they return to their home.

Ocean voyaging for Pacific Islander people is a great source of pride and is a symbol of so many things like cultural unity, respect for the ocean, and recognizing our connection as individuals to something greater than ourselves. These are values and ideas that are important to people of Oceania and just a few of the reasons why the waka (canoe) is a sacred part of the culture.

A documentary called “Our Blue Canoe” is forthcoming about this great ocean adventure. You can see a trailer for the project here:

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