‘Olelo Hawai’i

Yesterday we shot at the informal ‘Olelo Hawai’i(Hawai’ian language) class that Kai, one of my fellow hula students has generously organized for us, to teach as much as he can to us before he goes back to Hawai’i. Thank you everyone for your support and allowing me to shoot the class. We learned more about using pronouns and ‘a’ano (stative verbs) and talked about different meanings and translations of the song Adieu Mala’o. I need to get to work on memorizing the oli Kunihi ka mauna i ka la’i e. We also practiced our kahiko choreographies which sadly we don’t get to practice together enough.

Also I am lucky to have three new people on the advisory board for the documentary. Including documentary filmmakers Edgy Lee (Filmworks Pacific) and Jeff Tushman (Documania) and photographer Cal Vornberger (The Birds of Central Park)

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