NYSCA info session

Last week I attended an information session co-sponsored by DCTV and IFP about applying to the NYSCA individual media arts grant. I think it very helpful, I learned that the way I was going about my proposal, essentially trying to be very academic and convince people that they movie was going to save the world is precisely the wrong thing to do. So, back to the drawing board. At least I have a very clear understanding of what they want, and how my project actually does fit into their organizations goals. I need to concentrate more on the story I am telling and less on how earth shattering it is going to be. I had gotten this advise already from another more experienced Hawaiian filmmaker already. I am really learning a lot.

I also ran into another filmmaker who I used to do camera work with named Mary, she is applying for a grant to do a follow-up based on her graduate thesis film. She also introduced me to a friend of hers named Josh who is working on a doc about a doctor in India who does free surgeries in India for children with cleft palates.

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