New Year’s Resolutions 2012

Jan. 2012 by Dan Moyle

Jan. 2012 by Dan Moyle

I have never made an official list of New Year’s resolutions, but this year I am excited to set some solid goals for myself personally and for my business. When I envision this year I expect it to be a year of big accomplishments and growth. So, here is what’s in store for me and Paradocs in the upcoming year.
1. Finish E Haku Inoa

2a. Read “Start & Run a Personal History Business: Get Paid to Research Family Ancestry and Write Memoirs” by Jennifer Campbell

2b. Get at least three personal history clients based on what I learn in part 2a.

3. Produce and distribute two short form series.

4. Begin development on one or possibly two long form projects.

5. Diversify client base with expanded New Media consulting opportunities with Stephanie Wang and Toby Lowenfels

6. Write at least one grant proposal (NEA) to develop a youth media program with the Tongan Community Service Center.

7. Increase non-PBS project related income by 25%

8. Attend the PBS Producers Academy in Boston.

1. Increase muscle by 4%

2. Go on a weekend trip to a California hotspring

3. Visit family on Hawai`i Island

4. Visit friends in NYC
Here’s to a fantastic new year!

Hiki nō! (I can do it!)

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