Narrative Report – last days Hawaii

The last few days in Hawaii were mostly spent shooting b-roll, but I was also able to meet up with Dr. Lau who was the psychologist who worked with my family until we left Hawaii. She did not want to be on camera, but we still had a really great talk and I think what she told me gave me more clarity for the story. She also connected me with the Child Protective Services caseworker who worked with my family before we left the island. I wasn’t able to connect with her before I left, but I will most likely be going back in July, so I think that will work better anyhow since I was pretty burnt out on shooting by the end of the trip.

During the day before I left I shot one last interview with my Mom. I asked her about whether she felt that we had grown closer in this time. She had a lot of really good things to say about the whole experience. On the whole I really feel very good about everything that happened. I can’t wait to start editing.

I touched bases with Ashley the animator/illustrator, and she said she will be able to get something to me by the end of next week as far as illustrations.

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