Narrative Report – 5/28

I realized that I had not done a narrative report for PIC in a few weeks. But I definitely have been at work. The progress that Ashley and I have been making on the animation is great. We reviewed the first draft of the entire two minute sequence on Monday. We spoke on the phone to plan the next set of revisions for about two hours. There was more work left to do than we both had expected. And the expected delivery date for the final animation is now June 5th. Thankfully Ashley is so awesome, and she is going to be working hard over the next week to get everything together.

I also cut together three additional scenes for the work sample trailer which is bringing my total running time for my work sample to around 15 minutes.

I have revised the treatment, budget, and all other written accompanying materials which are being reviewed and proof-read by Karin Williams and Ti Locke.

And next Thursday Karin and I will be going to a sound studio in Atwater Village to record the final VO which will be married to the final animation and work sample reel. The deadline I have set for all materials to be completed at this time is June 10th to hopefully apply to the National Geographic All Roads grant, before the LINCS, and PIC Production grants.

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