Narrative Report – 3/9/09

Good Day today. Did a lot of Location Release things. Found out that both Kahana Valley and He’eia Park are under the open blanket spots to through the Hawaii Film Office.
Which is very good. I will finish submitting that tomorrow.

Went to speak with Jon Osorio at UH. It was very helpful, and ended up meeting another young Kanaka Maoli filmmaker named Blane. I had a really great conversations with both of them today. It was really exciting.

Also spoke with Derek at the station about the finer points of getting location releases. I am going to do everything I can to get all the releases that I can just to cover all of my bases. Although maybe I will not work that hard on getting the release for the bush that is behind the bus stop. Hope I will be safe on letting that one slide.

Leanne canceled her meeting today due to illness, but I am looking forward to meeting with her soon.

I shot some footage with my mom today us practicing a chant, and also I ask her about commerce and commercialism on the island. My light starts to fade, and I don’t realize it for about 10 minutes, so some of it is unusable. And most of the part about when I ask her about commerce is very jumbled, but there are a few poignant statements that I maybe be able to make use of.

It also looks like Mom and I will have a meeting on Friday with the station folks, so that she can meet all of them.

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