Narrative Report – 3/8/09

A light day today. I do feel like I am getting a bit sick. I have a sore throat.

Basically took Mom to church today.

Went and saw this film by Kimberlee Bassford:

I went with my friend Sumi, and got to meet Kimberlee briefly. This film was a PBS Hawaii LINCS partnership also. She was really helpful to me before when I was trying to first establish my partnership with PBS Hawaii, so thanks for that!

Check out the upcoming screening times for the film at:

More local flower scouting. Specifically looking for Pua Kenikeni, which is the flower that is representative of Kaneohe. It is a flower that needs a lot of rain, so obviously it grows pretty well here on the windward side of the island.


Right now I am going to write out the scene wish lists for my PBS Hawaii crew days. I have written an email to one of the Derek “The Production Man” to give him some of the location contacts that I have collected so far, and asking him questions about which locations I will absolutely have to release. I am so glad that I have someone to help me out with this. I am not good at asking for these things. I understand why people are wary of signing things but it sure makes life hard some times!

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