Narrative Report 3/27

Today was the last shoot with PBS Hawaii before I go back to Los Angeles. I think that it went very well. We shot everything that I needed for the animated opening and closing of the work in progress trailer I am putting together. So that is two short scenes both with blue screen. And we were also able to shoot a version of a scene with a black background too, which is extremely helpful at this stage. It was also great because those shots were very beautiful, it is not possible yet to know how the blue screen is going to turn out in the end.

The shoot went very smoothly, and I am glad that I had taken to time to put those photo collage storyboards together. Since I was in the shots also as well as directing, the way that we worked would be to work out the shot as best as possible shoot a take, and then I would watch the shot played back on the monitor to make any adjustments if necessary.

And a huge thank you to everyone at PBS Hawaii for all the help and support with Haku Inoa! It was wonderful working with you!

Here are a few pictures from today’s shoot.

I had a make-up artist, which was fun. Her name is Karen, she was quiet lovely.

this is some of the lighting and camera set up. and running through one of the shots for the closing animation.

Doing the time lapse weaving scene. Thanks Premo for the weaving help.

Office Intern Sheryl, and DP Glen.

Premo at the lighting board.

Todd adjusting one of the lights in the grid.

One of the pages from the storyboards.

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