Narrative Report – 3/23 and 3/24

March 23rd, 2009

Today was the second PBS shooting day and final on location shooting day with the crew. We shot Will and me arriving at Mom’s house, she served us breakfast of potato salad, texas toast, bacon, tuna patties, chocolate cake, and fettucini alfredo. Thank god there was something wrong with the fettucini, and we didn’t have to eat any of it.

After that we tried to shoot Will and I rocking out in the car, don’t know if it really worked. No good songs really came on the radio.

We picked flowers and talked about our relationship with Mom.

Then went home, Mom did more chanting lessons with me, and a little hula. This parts sounds a little boring but there was a certain feeling in the air between me and Mom and I am thinking that this will come through on the footage.

I had wanted to try play music with Will. I bought a guitar, we tried to play the ipu with the guitar, it worked a little bit. I will have to see.

Then Mom and I cleaned ti leaf for the skirt that I will use in the Friday shoot. Will, Mom, and I all had a little wrap party that involved big slices of chocolate cake and Will playing some dance music on his keyboard.

March 24th, 2009

I met with Hokulani Aikau who is an Assistant Professor in the Political Science Department of UH Manoa. You can read about about her and her research.

She suggested a few books for me to read. One is specifically on Kahana, which is the place that my brother is named for.

It is available on Amazon. However I am going to see if it is possible for me to pick it up locally.

She also suggested I read the work of Noelani Arista, who is getting her Ph. D. from Brandeis University. Who has done some writing specifically on Hawaiian naming traditions. I hope to get to this next.

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