Narrative Report – 3/16/09 to 3/20/09


Will arrives from Seattle. I shoot his arrival. We also go to Kualoa to celebrate his birthday (belated) with a cake that Mom made. I also shoot that.

Here is a picture off the Kualoa Regional Park website

Also followed up for permits with Foodland, Safeway, and State of Hawaii.


Began to research and track down Dr. Levay Lau and Diana Deucey. They are the Psychologist and CPS Caseworker that handled my family’s case in the late 80′s right before we left the islands.

I think it will be interesting to get their perspectives on what happened right before we left the island.

I was successful in finding Dr. Lau, with the help of my father, she remembers all of us, and said that she would be able to meet. It has been a pretty hectic week with all of the preparations for the shoot days, so we have been playing phone tag over scheduling a good time to meet.


Location scouted at Kahana Valley. Met a man named Anagan he told us all about the trails to get to the best vista’s of the bay, and agreed to be interviewed about the valley and how people live there.

Will and I were pretty unprepared for the hike and got bit by mosquitos alot, but oh well. We just had our slippers on so we got a little mud on our feet since it had been raining.


Lots of flower picking and shooting, and running around getting little odds and ends for tomorrow.


The first shooting day with PBS Hawaii.

Will and I got there a little bit before nine. Everyone from the crew showed up a little bit after that. There was Terrence who was the camera operator, Robert from Creative Services, Primo the sound mixer, Todd the UH intern, and also Glenn who is another camera operator, showed up to help with lighting and see what was happening.

We started off shooting me dragging out Mom’s old things, her ipu heke, which is a type of gourd drum pictured here.

The shooting space was tight, but we worked it out. We also shot Mom doing a couple of Mele Oli and and interview.

There was some b-roll of my dancing, it was hot and hopefully my face will not be too red.

After that moved to interview Anagan and hike in Kahana. You can see some of the pictures from this hike in the Picasa Album.

But Here are just a few:

Beginning out on the trail

Green lizard, green leaf!

At the Kahana Bay Vista. Hey Terrence you’re shooting the wrong way!

Sunlight through the trees on the hike back down.

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