Narrative Report – 3/13/09

So I fell behind and few days on the report, and honestly. I know that I have been doing things over the last few days, but I cannot remember much other than yesterday I met Leanne from PIC, and everyone at the office over there. That was great.

March 13th, 2009

The day was the most brilliantly clear here on the Windward side of the island that I can remember. I wanted to whip out the camera and take b-roll while it was so clear, but I had to get all of the storyboards and schedules copied and ready for the meeting with PBS crew and Mom.

I did snap this picture while it was beautiful, and hoped that the clear blue sky would last until after the meeting.

Mom and I went to a little cafe in the Macy’s called The Gazebo which is a favorite of Mom’s to meet with both of the camera men, and Robert.

The meeting went very well, and all know the outline of what will happen on March 20th and 23rd. This was the first time she had met the other people that I have been working with, and I think she was very glad to see some of the people that I have been leaving her in the middle of the day to go and talk with.

After that I showed her the trailer that was on my website, I was scared as to how she would react to this since it was the first time she had seen this, and it shows me crying because of her, and talking about her mental illness. She said that it seems like she abandoned us, but I told her that no I never thought of it like that. Which is funny since I had said the same thing to Leanne yesterday over lunch. Mom also said that it seemed “like a downer” and I told her that good stories have ups and downs. She agreed to this. On the whole I was surprised and relieved about her reaction. The more she sees what I am doing with the project the more open she is becoming with me, and the more easily we are able to work together. This whole process is very healing and constructive for us both I think.

After that we went around and got some more nature b-roll and finished buying the rest of the things that we would need for lei making. By the time that we did get back to shoot the Koolau Mountains it was of course not as blue and clear as it had been before.

And then of course again, as we moved away from the Koolau to take b-roll of flowers it got bright and sunny again. Here is a picture of Plumeria and Hina Hina in the background that I took in Mom’s yard.

Our search for kupukupu ferns brought us to an old friend of Mom’s who had a lovely garden. She has all kinds of flowers and plants that we will be able to use. Which means less things that we will have to buy from Safeway, and she also said that she did not care if we videotaped, which is great.

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