Narrative Report – 2/25/09 to 3/5/09

Alright so a lot has happened in the last few days I am going to put it in list form today just because I have to be off to call some forestry place, and practice my Mele Kupe’e, and be off to find some different kinds of foliage to make lei out of once my brother is here.

The breakdown:

Monday 3/2

Arrived in Honolulu.
Settled in at the place in Kailua, setting up hard-drives ect.
Ate Dinner with Mom @ Zippy’s!

Tuesday 3/3

Learned a little more Olelo Hawaii (Hawaiian Language)

Started to work out a shooting schedule with Mom for non-PBS Hawaii days, and made sure she was available, willing, and understood what the PBS days will entail. This will probably be an ongoing process.

Picked a few plant samples from around the yard, and learned about some of the native and non-native plants.

Mom began to teach me a Mele Kupe’e which is a chanting style song. Should have shot this, but didn’t want to overwhelm Mom right away with the camera.

Went to PBS Hawaii to meet with VP of Programming Robert Pennybacker.

Picked up Mom in Kaneohe to take her to choir practice.

Tried to take reference photos of downtown tall buildings, but battery in Nikon camera was dead.

Wednesday 3/4

Shoot me practicing Mele Kupe’e in my room.

Hawaiian history research.

Found where to buy lauhala mats.

Thursday 3/5

Went to Mom’s house to check in.

Went to UH for a lunch time discussion panel about the Supreme Court Oral Arguments for Hawaii v. OHA.

Went to The Center for Hawaiian studies to try and meet with Jon Osorio. Left a note.

Photographed buildings and streets for Ashley to use in animation composites.

One of the pics for Ashley. Above is a photo I took of a building in Honolulu, my cousin Kaui was actually a contractor on this building, so I think it should go in the final animation.

Took Mom grocery shopping, and planned the agenda for Friday.

Spoke with the Robert Harris, who is the son of the property owner that my Mom lives in to get contact info and verbal permission for now to shoot with full PBS crew on their property. We will be getting an actual location release shortly.

Created production schedule for Ashley’s animation, and burned some assets onto a DVD for her to you in the final composition. Like SD video clips which will be composited on to “maps”

Here is a picture of the Center for Hawaiian Studies Taro Patch

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