Narrative Report – 2/24/09

I have contracted motion graphics designer and illustrator Ashley Burke to do compositing and illustration work for the new fundraising trailer. That I am now working on.

I spent today putting together a style guide for her on flickr. The style of the piece is going to be a multi-media collage kind of style that is heavily influenced by Hawaiian style woodcuts and linocuts, as well as other woodcutting traditions from around the world including Japan and Mexico.

Ashley works as a freelance illustrator, and this is one of the pieces that she did for a commercial job in a synthetic woodcut style. Our animations are going to be less realistically rendered and very colorful, but I thought this work was very nice.

On a less fun note I have also begun re-sifting through my previously shot Standard Definition footage and I am constructing a timeline to export to tape so that I will be able to have all of the clips that I want to have converted to High Definition so that I will be able to have Fiona, my editor put everything together more effectively. I will probably be doing that tomorrow too.

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