midnight last night

I have spent the last month or so, especially the last four days writing and obsessively picking at my grant proposal for NYSCA. I probably did about total re-writes and spent countless hours weeding out letters, changing with to for, so I eventually I could squeeze another meaningful phrase into the 2000 character max. I feel confident my effort and can’t wait to hear back. It’s nice to be able to put this one to bed, but I should really keep moving writing.

I talked to Anni on Sunday about helping me make the images for the website, and she said that she could help, and that Ryan could probably help me put together the site. since I am probably not going to be able to afford someone to put it together for me. When I mentioned a budget of $600 to the last woman I spoke to her voice made kind of a squeaking sound, so I thought better of hiring her.

On Monday I went to the Foundation Center Library to learn about their database. It was the first time I had been there. I am definitely going back, but right now it is so hectic, with preparing for the ho’ike.

I started my pa’u last night and hopefully I will finish it tonight and start on the top! I also have to take pictures of the process of making the top for some of the other haumana.

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