Mauna Kea Development: 8 Acres? 18 Stories? A’ole!

Mauna Kea Summit

Mauna Kea Summit photo courtesy of Kahea


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What’s going on: The TMT Corporation and the University of Hawai’i Board of Regents are proposing to build a new massive, 18-story telescope, 21,000 square foot office building, road, and parking lot on conservation lands and “ceded” crown lands on Mauna Kea’s summit, called the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT).


Wrong for the mountain: Mauna Kea is unique in the world, a place of deep significance in the Hawaiian worldview, and home to rare Hawaiian plants and animals found nowhere else on the planet. Mauna Kea was honored among the sacred places of the world in a National Geographic (January 2011) Special Edition titled, “The Earth’s Holiest Places: Sacred Journeys.”


What’s next: The construction permit for the massive Thirty Meter Telescope complex will be considered by the Board of Land and Natural Resources on February 25, 2011. We think there is a real chance this permit could be denied, but we know there is a lot of pressure from developers to approve it. This permit is one of the last ones needed by the developers before construction can begin.


Take Action! Join your voice with hundreds around Hawai’i! Tell the Land Board Members to reject this permit application, and take true, strong steps to protect the future of Mauna Kea. Take action today!

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