Haku Inoa: To Weave a Name

Amazing how much happens in two months. I have been back in New York for about three weeks since the trip to Hawaii. It was great to see everyone again, cousins, Mom, brothers. The boys (as I call my brothers) and I had a wonderful time. You can see a slide show of the family on flicker

Now that I have 60 hours of footage I think I am in a pretty good position. I just bought a 500 gig drive and am excited to start digitizing.

I also have a producer now. Johanna Voutounou, she is really committed to the project and I have known her and worked with her on all types of various projects over the last seven years. She is really going to keep me motivated. I definitely couldn’t do it without her!

I have thought of a better title for the film as well. HakuInoa: To Weave A Name. Let me know what you think about it.

Last week I met with Kehaulani Kauanui, who is an associate professor of Anthropology at Wesleyan and the host of the of the radio show called Indigenous Politics you can listen online. She has been very generous with introductions to other Hawaiian and indigenous filmmakers. It is very exciting to begin making contacts with so many other filmmakers!

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