Hail Sundance: A Prayer

Hail Sundance: A Prayer written by Christen Marquez of Paradocs Productions.

Hail Sundance: A Prayer for independent filmmakers heading to Mecca.

Two Shadows www.twoshadowsmovie.com the feature that I co-produced with Director Greg Cahill of Rising Falcon Cinema, was just submitted to Sundance last week and we have begun to say our prayers. This is will be my bedtime mantra. Please excuse any blasphemy, my Momʻs a catholic, but I am not.

Repeat 10 times, a day preferably right before bed.

Hail Sundance full of distro
our buyer is with thee
blessed art thou amongst indies
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb,
Holy Programmers, Mother of careers
pray for us starving artists
now and at the hour of our premiere

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