Green Filmmaking Resources

Filmmaking is hectic. Because of this it is also wasteful. The sight of hundreds of plastic water bottles all getting thrown into the garbage has always bothered me. Along with all the styrofoam plates from crafty, wasted food, and miscellaneous plastic, wood, metal and other junk from the art department I have seen some mountainous heaps of waste created in the wake of movie magic.

I understand that especially a low budget filmmaker is always trying to do everything cheaper and faster. But if we start making small changes and becoming aware of places we are wasteful on set and taking small manageable steps toward making less environmental impact while we work it is a good beginning. Most other industries are being required to make changes in their environmental practices. The film industry really shouldn’t be any different. Here are a few suggestions and resources from the California Film Commission.

You can also find more suggestions at their website:


Catering and Crafty

- use bio-degradeable plates and utensils made from corn
- use prominently displayed recycling bins
- label garbage cans “landfill” so people will think twice
- donate leftover food to an organization like Angel Harvest (Don’t worry you are covered by the Good Samaritan Food Donation Act)

Set Construction

- use-reusable building materials such as metals
- donate materials such as furnishing, hardware, lumber, and appliances after the shoot to Habitat for Humanity

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