I have been getting more serious about learning about fundraising. I am vacillate between confidence and disappointment. Completely sure that I will get a grant one moment and completely convinced that I have no chance the next.

I have decided that I will spend every Wednesday evening at the Foundation Center here in the city.

I went there yesterday to a Fundraising for Individual Artists class they had yesterday. I felt a little ahead of the curve since I already have a fiscal sponsor. I had to leave early though because I went down to Women Make Movies for their secrets of PBS funding.

Linda Hattendorf the Director of the Cats of Mirikitani was there, as well as Heidi Reinburg. They handed out copies of their proposals, which was great, especially since I have seen the Cats of Mirikitani. I am learning very quickly how to write a great treatment. I think I did pretty well on the NYSCA grant, but more than anything I just want to hear back soon.

I also see now how I had an ice cube’s chance in hell with the proposal that I wrote to ITVS. Perseverance is the word. It seems like the average number that I have heard to get your first doc on TV is about 5 years of begging.

Anyway different subject, I am sending a snippet of my film to Hasbro today, and hopefully they will give me permission to use the Scrabble board in my work. Then I can also start on the website.

I have also found a few more grants and foundations to apply to so… onward!

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