Fa’a Samoa Onscreen with “O le tulafale” (“The Orator”) by Tusi Tamasese

A few of my favorite comments from Tusi Tamasese from his Press Conference at the 68th Venice Film Festival.

On his inspiration and influences in the film “Iʻm a big fan of Kurosawa. I love his framing. What stands out for me is how he uses wide shots. In Samoa you cannot capture someone by themselves. To define a Samoan you must capture them within the environment.(watching Kurowasa films) I saw the space and the silence… To me thatʻs how Samoa is. That silent conversation between people.”

On casting – “Itʻs hard to find a dwarf in Samoa.”

Itʻs a great look into his process and how his mindset is translated onto the screen.

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