Past Projects

Haku Inoa Poster

E Haku Inoa: To Weave A Name (2013) 
Director / Producer
Broadcasting nationally on Public Television in May 2014.

A young multi-racial Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) woman, filmmaker Christen Hepuakoa Marquez, sets out to discover the meaning of her incredibly lengthy Hawaiian name from her estranged mother whose diagnosis as schizophrenic in the 80′s caused their family separation. Christen discovers not only herself within the name, but gains a whole new perspective on the idea of sanity and how cultural differences can sometimes muddle its definition.
Aunty Vaifua Vaifale Talk Story (2012)
Intergenerational Talk Story with Pacific Islander Elders

Producer / Videographer
(Documentary Web Series)

See the stories here

With over 282,000 Pacific Islanders in California, this 10 part documentary webseries is an effort to honor the knowledge of a
few Pacific Islander community builders who paved the way for many of our Islanders now living in California. These short digital stories explore reasons for migrating to California and how these elders have maintained their heritage and community through Pacific Islander knowledge that ranges from history to gardening, fishing, creative arts, dance, and health. Listen to the stories of our elders.

Two Shadows Poster
Two Shadows (2012) 

(Narrative Feature)
Award Winner for Best Cinematography and Audience Award for Best Narrative at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival Narrative

Synopsis: Long Beach hipster wannabe Sovanna receives a cryptic letter from Cambodia claiming that her long-lost brother and sister are still alive. Ditching her dead-end lifestyle and alcoholic father, Sovanna travels to her birthplace alone to seek out her two siblings who disappeared during the civil war 20 years earlier. With guidance from a quirky motorbike driver named Munny, Sovanna launches her search into the dark corners of Cambodia. Upon discovering a girl who may or may not be her real sister, Sovanna is ensnared into an increasingly dangerous situation, pitting her in a tug-of-war between her own personal safety, and her compassion for a stranger.

Cleaning Up: The California Budget (2011) 

Director / Producer
(Documentary Short)
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8-minute video education tool for immigrant and other low-income advocates to explain threats to state funded programs and services for low-income Californians. Using the context of the current budget crisis to create awareness of the fiscal reform proposals now on the table could help address the root causes of the statewide budget crisis.