Think Big Picture – Implement Social Media in Your Nonprofit

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Paradocs Productions with Christen Marquez, Toby Schuster, and Stephanie Wang were all so thrilled to present to the 30 or so non-profit organizations at the Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council at yesterday’s “Not Your Momma’s Social Media Training”.


We were really happy with the training and are looking forward to getting feedback from everyone who participated.


In the meantime I am proud to say that Stephanie’s presentation has been selected to be featured on the homepage of Slideshare’s How To and DIY page. How cool! Above is the featured slide show, and at the bottom of this blog post are links to where the other three presentations can be downloaded as well as some documents with links to additional resources. Please feel free to use these slides to rearrange and use within your organization or business to help you in dialog about discussing social media strategy.


Expanding and Engaging Your Online Audience:


Roles for Social Media Success:


Building Your Social Media Foundation


How does your current social media presence rank? Download this evaluation quiz


And finally here is an additional downloadable document that lists a the additional resources from the slideshow in a document with clickable links.

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