Basic WordPress Resources for Non-Profits

I have been working with the Pacific Islander Health Partnership, which is a non-profit organization focused on Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander health in Orange County California, improve their capacity in the online arena. I believe there are many tools out there for people to easily begin to build, maintain, and grow an online presence for their work and organizations.
I am glad to help folks who are for lack of a better term “scared” of the Internet. So that they can Gain the knowledge they need to feel comfortable enough to navigate the world of sharing online.
WordPress Seminar Handout
Above you can view and click the image to download the handout I developed to lead the seminar. Or you can click this link here to link to Scribd. It covers some basic concepts about the Internet and blogging. Including explaining the front end and back end of a website and how platforms like WordPress help build a bridge between the two. It also walks through some basic menu items for people who have ‘Editor’ permissions.
I also developed a set of four video tutorials to walk through the actions that we went over in the seminar. These resources can be used by the PIHP board members or other people interested learning about how to begin working with a WordPress blog.
If you liked being a part of the seminar or you like the online resources please let me know what you liked in the comments section below.

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